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hello navi

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hi, im navi. im just some 16 year old web dev in way over their head, with a hardcore obsession with serial experiments lain to boot. i created this site originally in january of 2020 to basically just give myself something to work on as a stress reliver. this site has already undergone multiple redesigns already, with this just being one of them.

this current design was mostly based on my 404 page as i do kinda want to have a consistent design in that style. i think it looks suuper sick

an incomplete garbage guide to urbit

a fluid list of websites that inspired me

companion site

anyways now for the boring stuff


pageviews! thank you to everyone!

site news

sign of life


hey its me, that weird website person. anyways yeah its been a while since ive made a news thing on here. ok so heres whats changed since the last one.

  1. new page that serves as kinda an introduction to urbit i guess
  2. css keyframe demo thing i made and hid on oldhome.html
  3. slightly redesigned logo on landing page and in embeds
  4. new page with links to sites i was inspired by
  5. bye bye music on 404 page, sadly the whole invisible youtube iframe autoplay method is kinda trash so just imagine music there yourself

thats about it really, hope you liked this sign of life post, and yes, i am still updating this site.

-rei (hello-navi)

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